Our projects

The efforts of Kpare Foundation aim to reverse a notion with the people in the region that because they are without means they are poor and therefore useless. The projects will include income generating activities. Take bee keeping, the introduction of crafts (sewing, weaving) and improved farming techniques. People will be taught how to do simple bookkeeping and administer themselves simple forms of cooperative credit schemes to keep their projects going.
Key interests of the Kpare Foundation are:
-Helping to prepare agricultural land, capital, seeds, bullocks, ploughs

-Funding a credit system with drawing rights, administered by funtionaries in Kpare to make it possible for farmers to get through difficult times.

-Promoting proven traditional indigenous farming techniques and gardening practices to increase the production of needed calories locally.

-Revitalize mud building techniques for existing compounds and new buildings to create better living conditions.

-Providing space for Ghanese medical techniques, healthcare and addressing herbalist knowledge, to be put to practice in a planned clinic.

-A latrine in every compound.

– More cleanwater sources-

-Create income generating crafts like weaving, sewing, bee keeping, sheanut production to produce extra work and autonomous income for Kpare.
– Include all people with handicaps. Community based rehabilitation: Blind people, children

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