Our approach

Kpare Foundation has an approach that distinguishes itself from most charities. The premise of the program is the autonomy of the local people and their culture. The counselor must participate, not the population. In this way, the support is demand-driven. This offers many advantages:

  • It ¬†matches the local culture and environment
  • Orderly and controllable
  • Slick effect for surrounding villages
  • Durable character is allowed to develop themselves

The contact with the inhabitants of Kpare runs through the founder, Dr. C. Hageraats. He has been working in this field for many years as a doctor and he knows the people and circumstances. He visits Kpare 3 to 4 times a year at his own expense, and identifies the needs of the residents. For example, a resident can be helped with repairing a home or investment in agricultural equipment. The principles of Kpare foundation are:

  • Transcultural
  • Participation of all residents
  • Continuity of assistance offered
  • Avoid unforeseen problems through knowledge of the culture (anteriority)
  • Job retention

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