Kpare Foundation

Kpare Foundation was founded on January 4, 2002 in the Netherlands and book since success for the residents of a Kpare, a small community in the most northern savannah region of Ghana. The main goals which the projects are aimed at Kpare Foundation:

  • Ensure better nutrition, better housing and a higher income.
  • Financial support for agriculture to farmers with limited resources.
  • Agricultural production in the dry season, when a planned dam and irrigation system are operational.
  • Training of people in the self build traditional houses, instead of hiring external forces.
  • Helping to generate income by weaving, dyeing, sewing, beekeeping and rabbits.
  • Create a clinic that is suitable for traditional Ghanaian health.

To achieve our goals is Kpare foundation depends entirely on its donors and sponsors. See our donations page for more information.